A lifestyle led Build to Rent brand that integrates with the evolving lives of users and residents, focused around mentality and lifestyle oppose to age or income bracket.

Representing Vybe’s high energy and a fresh approach to renting, we developed a visual identity with bright hues and a bespoke typeface that works harmoniously to make a statement whilst the more paired back accent colours help bring a sophisticated, modern edge. Strategic and unconventional for the real estate market.

A new style of apartment living that’s better for everyone.


The Insight.

Unapologetic in approach, regular renting is soon to become thing of the past, putting the definition of ‘optimal living’ firmly in the hands of its residents. That’s the Vybe vow.

you-x-ventures-0K7GgiA8lVE-unsplash (2).jpg

The Approach.

A brand experience that breaks free from convention with an ethos-forward direction that asserts a dynamic role in the new mobile, sharing economy - yet at its heart remains human. Smart use of graphic language coupled with movement-building and colloquial messaging helps to ensure we speak candidly yet with conviction to our audience, helping to build a brand that people will talk about and be proud to be associated with, one experience at a time.


Redefining Airport Dining. Coming 2020.


HexxHome, Modular Housing 2.0